Thursday, April 16, 2009

Volunteers from the third world

So I am one of the volunteers hailed from a not so rich country.

But still, this could be more of the reason to be an effective volunteer because I can relate more to people of similar poverty.

But I also realize the struggle of not being rich.

While other volunteers go home to their own country as they wish.. I just sat my butt off during Christmas and New year. Coz obviously I cant afford to go home.

Sometimes I have this thought of not working so damn hard (at anything) besides, it just adds lines to your forehead yet other people get richer without batting an eyelash..

But then, I see babies in the Rehabilitation Center and my heart melts... for once, i dont want to do things just because of money but for the future generation of humanity.

Then these posh hypocritic faces flashes at me (specially when my allowance is delayed).. geeesshhh inequality sucks!!!

Whoever invented money must be freaking devilish.

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