Friday, December 10, 2010

I am evolving

Like any other technology, my blog is evolving.. I have chosen wordpress to rule so hope that those who are following me can go visit it for the latest happenings in my life.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Life's Surprises

First of all, thank you soooooOOoo much to all the people who one way or another expressed their support and encouraged me to go to the "mountains" despite all percieved odds.

I'm reaping a good karma now. REALLY.

And I hope, the good thought you have given me will come back to you one way or another... so we create ripple effects of good thoughts... thus creating ripple effects of goodness to humanity.

So speaking of life's surprises... this is what is happening lately.

- so I thought, Chiang Mai is in the mountains.. well, it is indeed 13 hours away from Bangkok, Thailand.. and the area has mountains... but it really is a beautiful serene city. It has got a tropical climate so it is like my beautiful Philippines

- so I thought I'll be like really poor... but apparently im housed in a good hotel with very good friends from all over (the globe). I mean, im ready to be shipped in anywhere coz Im a volunteer... but this is really good karma.. I LOVE YOU LORD.

- and I thought, I'll just be with so~ so~ friends... but my roomie is a Magna Cum Laude Lawyer... WAAAAAHHH!!!! Im forced to be a good girl... :D

but wait... I'm a good girl.... ^_^

so there goes life's surprises..... sort of overwhelming to me at the moment, it will take time for me to have everything sync in... but yeah, im liking it.

and i hope everyone is enjoying life at the moment... life is short... praying that everyone is living it well...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

VSO Fundraising

Ten more days and im bound for thailand-burma border... Nuninuninuninuuuu @_@

But before anything else, i am required to fundraise.

Please donate to VSO Bahaginan here

or at Paypal

Then let me know once you've donated coz Im tracking them down and so I send the list to St Peter.... :D nah... so I can do some kindness back in return.. ^_^

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The wallflower is evolving..

Speaking of living life to the fullest... this is what has been happening lately..

1. Was featured in the Inquirer newspaper... sorry wasnt able to tell this story before ^_^

well not really featured but its nice to know your name is mentioned in a newspaper hehehe

2. Travelled bits of Luzon and Visayas with a fil-american soldier who has been to Afghanistan and is now based in Korea... the book Kite Runner comes to life when he talks about stories in that country... and its nice that he gets to visit the huge family clan.. im a proud Tita.. and am honored to be Arbie's babysitter errr bodyguard errrr travel buddy :D

3. Tried to argue with, bully and punch that same soldier... damn that was a soft punch coz u still laughed Arbie tsk tsk.. His american-brain sort of irritates my nerves and im sure he gets irritated too so its quits!! BLEH!!!! Despite that, me and the whole family clan still loves him though.. ^_^ Thanks for making the family tree... Arbie is a gem of a nephew i must say..

4. Since I started travelling, Ive slept in 7 different houses including a 400 year old convent church in Bolinao, Pangasinan... thank you Father Georg for all the great love... I will sure do miss you once you get back to Italy but I know I have to pass the great love forward.. trying to love everybody in the present moment.

trivia: the wooden floor of the convent was made from coffins.. but there was no moo moo thanks to my closed 3rd eye ^_^

check out the site made by the german volunteer Zach here

5. Never have been so broke yet never have been so happy... darn ang babaw ko ha. i must need to balance my crazy head to not learn to be so happy when broke.

6. Looking forward to the VSO photo exhibit at UP Diliman.. this should be awesome (with a competitive tone).. kaso wala na ako dito sa August XD

7. So Im wrapping up this carefree life to look forward to Thailand.. where ill go back to staring at the computer but on a more serious matter.. more to follow...^_^

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Im going thru changes

Fool of Grace no more.. well im still foolish as far as thinking out of the cube is concerned... but I think i have outgrown the title..

Years ago, around 2001, I had this newbie website.. and it has now transformed into a blog.. and im sure, soon, it will transform into another valuable thing.. Watch out for it ;)

Meanwhile, i googled fool of grace and have found this a flattery..

Tapos nag wide-eyed ako ng isang second dito.. weird lang..

Filipino Culture

Recently, i got hooked up watching videos of ilikegrass.. they are Filipinos (or with Pinoy blood) living abroad (in Canada) and they created some videos to show bits of Filipino culture to their non Filipino friends.

Although some might be offended.. but i really think it is funny ^_^...

besides, some of them are true but was just presented in a lighter way so we can laugh and have a good time ^_^. Check out the video: How to act Around Filipinos

Pikon talo ha... Have fun ^_^

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sign Language

One of the most memorable moments I had in Bohol was to hang out with my twin cousins in the buzz cafe at ICM, while viewing youtube.. apparently the medium we both can relate to..

i know little sign language so we try to communicate using pen and paper... or do gestures like thumbs up, down, middle.. or the gun shot gesture for a boring video ^_^

I highly recommend the videos we both have watched that made a strong impact on me.. hopefully, it raised awareness on you too..

Maria Paz Jordan - Deaf Filipino

Concrete Angel in Sign language

Ana Arce, Deaf Magna Cum Laude